Young Creatives

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The Young Creatives

Are you, or does a child you love, adore reading, writing, drawing or talking about books? Are you/they going into 7th through 12th grade? Then it's time for you/them to join our summer creativity group, The Young Creatives!

This summer, we are taking the success of last summer's writing workshops and diversifying the focus. These facilitated two hour sessions will have a different theme each week for the members of The Young Creatives to discuss and interpret in whattever manner they deem fit. Three of the sessions will be followed up with meetings of the YA Book Club, open to any and all members of The Young Creatives!

Meeting Dates for The Young Creatives

  • Tuesday, June 13th, 5 - 7pm - theme: SELF DISCOVERY - unleashing creative potential
  • Tuesday, June 20th, 5 - 7pm - theme: SPACE AND TIME TRAVEL - perfect for Whovians (followed by YA Book Club at 7pm, discussing Cinder by Marissa Meyer)
  • Tuesday, June 27th, 5 - 7pm - theme: FANDOMS - celebrating human connections through pop culture
  • Tuesday, July 11th, 5 - 7pm - theme: NATURE - session to be held outside, weather permitting
  • Tuesday, July 18th, 5 - 7pm - theme: POST - APOCALYPTIC & DYSTOPIAN WORLDS - what defines an apocalypse or dystopia (followed by YA Book Club at 7pm, discussing For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund)
  • Tuesday, July 25th, 5 - 7pm - theme: MAGICAL & FANTASTICAL WORLDS - what makes something magical
  • Tuesday, August 1st, 5 - 7pm - theme: FRIENDSHIP - exploring the relationships between friends & family
  • Tuesday, August 8th, 5 - 7pm - theme: MASHUPS - classic stories retold in unexpected ways (followed by YA Book Club at 7pm, discussing Everland by Wendy Spinale)


The cost for each session is $5. If you choose to prepay for all 8 sessions, the $40 fee includes the book Journal Sparks: Fire Up Your Creativity with Spontaneous Art, Wild Writing and Inventive Thinking by Emily K Neuburger!

*Towne Book Center & Cafe will provide the space, attendees should be prepared with their own journal or chosen medium and supplies*