Wine Bar

The Wine Bar at the Towne Book Center and Cafe is open! We currently offer 14 different wines from Crossings Vineyard in Bucks County, PA!

$7.50 per glass

$10.00 for flight of 3


We also offer wine by the bottle!

Our Selection:


Chardonnay -- $19/bottle

Riesling -- $19/bottle

Sauvignon Blanc -- $19/bottle

Pinot Grigio --  $19/bottle

Vintner's Select White -- $18/bottle


Cabernet Sauvignon -- $25/bottle

Merlot -- $21/bottle

Vintner's Select Red --  $18/bottle


Blush --  $14/bottle

Sangria -- $19/bottle

Wild Berry --  $18/bottle

Peach --  $18/bottle

Chocolate Cherry Truffle -- $24/bottle

Rose -- $14/bottle