Summer Reading Programs

We help you find the books you'll love!!

Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Programs are coordinated at Towne Book Center and supported in your school or district. Towne Book Center offers grade appropriate lists to meet your specific needs.


Summer Recess Concerns

Quality educators want their students to continue learning even when school is in summer recess. By assigning summer reading, teachers can insure that their students are ready to start working when the fall semester begins.


Convenience and Quality - Register Online

Towne Book Center, Inc. has developed a convenient way to administer and purchase your Summer Reading Program titles. All you have to do is select the titles you would like for your program. We'll post your titles on our site under your school's name, enabling your students to view and purchase the books they need. Towne Book Center tracks your school's purchases so that you can get all the benefits of our incentive program (10% discount to students, 10% given back to school program). To begin your Summer Reading Program title list fill out the online Summer Reading Program form and supply us with the ISBN numbers / Titles you would like by grade and we'll take care of the rest!



School Hosted Events


  1. Assign a contact. Encourage all grades to participate. Complete and return the registration form. Invite the school parent organization to arrange and maintain the school-based sale.
  2. Reading lists are not accepted after May 1. For a small service fee, based on the length of the list, Towne Book Center will create lists or order forms for your program.
  3. Schedule your sale during the month of May. Make sure that Towne Book Center is aware of the school closing dates.
  4. Participating schools receive a 25% discount. All materials will be delivered and unsold materials will be picked up free of charge either by UPS or Towne Book Center.
  5. A paperback version of each title is ordered unless otherwise requested by you.
  6. Prices quoted are current retail prices and are subject to change by the publisher without notice.
  7. Towne Book Center processes the returned books and mails your school a final invoice. Payment is due 30 days from receiving the final invoice.