Read to Me

Read To Me Literacy Program

The Read To Me Literacy Program focuses on the crucial need to prepare our youngest students, ages 3-7, for life-long learning.  This very special program helps to develop the background knowledge, comprehension and vocabulary of our youngest students.

The program's creator, Lynn Rosenthal brings to you 30 years of teaching experience.  She has worked as an award winning reading specialist with students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  Lynn is a national education consultant and presenter.

Children who are read to become good readers.  With this early literacy program every child can have a quality Read Aloud book, to read with their parents every night of the school year, for less than $23 per child!

This program improves early literacy skills in:
  • Reading
  • Responding to text
  • Speaking
  • Listening
Convenient for:
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Administrators

Reading Aloud - An Effective Reading Strategy
  • Demonstrates reading for meaning
  • Demonstrates reading for purpose
  • Models fluent reading
  • Develops sense of story structure
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Involves students in reading for enjoyment
  • Develops knowledge of nonfiction and fiction text structure
  • Increases oral language development
  • Develops higher order thinking skills

This very special program includes:

  • 30 quality hardback literature books per thematic unit (20 different titles, 10 the same for shared reading)
  • Questions to extend student thinking for every book
  • Parent Involvement
  • Serves 1 to 15 classrooms
Standard size:
  • 15 thematic units
  • Total of 450 hardback books
Junior size:
  • 7 thematic units
  • Total of 210 hardback books