Keystone to Reading Book Award

Affiliated with the International Reading Association (IRA), Keystone State Reading Association is a state-wide organization in Pennsylvania comprised of individuals who are engaged in reading instruction, literacy development, and the encouragement of lifelong reading habits. KSRA's mission is to promote literacy, provide instructional leadership, support professional development, and advocate literacy issues. KSRA believes in the importance of cooperating with other organizations in order to achieve common purposes and goals.


  • Promote Literacy Through Reading
  1. to promote reading as a lifelong habit for all people
  2. to encourage and support councils in their efforts to promote literacy through reading
  3. to provide information to interested parties regarding the promotion of reading habits
  4. to recognize contributions and achievements of Pennsylvanians in the area of promoting reading
  • Provide Instructional Leadership
  1. to support and facilitate effective instruction in reading and other areas of literacy
  2. to promote research related to effective reading instruction
  3. to sponsor publications, meetings, and conferences intended to enhance reading instruction
  4. to recognize Pennsylvanians who have provided exemplary instructional leadership in reading
  • Support Professional Development
  1. to support and facilitate the professional growth of educators in reading and other areas of literacy education
  2. to encourage and support councils as they provide professional development in reading
  3. to provide information and timely publications related to literacy   
  4. to sponsor publications, meetings and conferences which provide professional development opportunities in reading
  5. to promote involvement of pre-service and in-service educators in professional development activities and organizations
  • Advocate Literacy Issues
  1. to provide leadership in Pennsylvania on literacy issues
  2. to develop collaborative relationships with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and other professional organizations to enhance reading instruction
  3. to advocate policies at the local, state, and national levels to insure effective reading instruction
  4. to encourage councils to advocate effective reading instruction at the local, state, and national levels.