Warhammer Trivia Night

Event date: 
Friday, November 3, 2023 - 6:30pm

We are hosting a Warhammer Trivia Night at the Towne Book Center and this is your chance to sign up for it! All you need to do is include your name and email and you will officially be entered in and while we do accept walk ins there is a benefit to signing up early. Everyone who signs up will get a $5 Coupon when they come in for trivia night! 

There will be a ton of prizes including the grand prize which is an unopened Leviathan Box Set (valued at $250.00 dollars) 

Some basic rules 

Rule 1. No cell phones. You get caught cheating you are out! 

Rule 2. No teams of more than 3 people. 

Rule 3. As always no jerks! We are all here to have fun, lets not be a space nazi about it.

Rule 4. Judges ruling is FINAL. Now we will be endeavoring to pick questions that while hard have a definitive answer, technicalities and "this one white dward article from 2007 says..." will not be enough to overturn the judges ruling. If you have a legitimate concern that something has been missed, you may bring it up, however at the end of the day we will be going with the general consensus answer or the most up to date answer. 

Rule 5. Beware of the memes. Memes are a HUGE part of the fun of 40k lore and we will have a meme section to the trivia however Orks do not make things happen just because they believe hard enough so don't get caught in a trap

Rule 6. Have Fun!!! 

Sign up here!

Event address: 
160 Market St
Suite C6
Collegeville, PA 19426