Department 22

Department 22

Or, "If You Like This, Try This!"

Every few months we update our "if you like this, try this!" section of the store, but we figure why not put it online as well! Please click the links below for books that you might be interested in!



  • WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING (or southern family or coming of age fiction)
  • THE BOOKSHOP ON THE CORNER (or lighthearted fiction that happens to be set in the Scottish highlands)
  • CHILDREN OF ASH AND ELM (or the tv shows The Last Kingdom or Vikings, or just vikings in general)
  • SIX OF CROWS (or epic fantasy written by badass women)
  • SUMMER AT LITTLE BEACH STREET BAKERY (or fiction books that feature cooking and baking or The Great British Baking Show)
  • BARBARIAN DAYS (or if you really love a fascinating story about a person who did the unexpected)
  • GHOSTS OF HARVARD (or fiction featuring some dark academia)
  • THE SOUL OF AN OCTOPUS (or are an ardent follower of Greta Thunberg or Sir David Attenborough)
  • NORMAL PEOPLE (or are a millenial who feels like the world is falling apart right in front of them and want some books to relate to)
  • THE ROYAL WE (or if you're an obsessive Anglophile like TBC manager Sarah who created this whole list)
  • KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL (or if you just miss Tony Bourdain or want a woman's perspective on life in a restaurant kitchen - we figure since Tony was a prominent #MeToo supporter he would really like this list)
  • THE POWER (or super awesome feminist fiction set in the near future or an alternate reality)
  • LOVELY WAR (or if you're burnt out on WWII literature and want to read about WWI)
  • THE JETTSETTERS (or quirky and funny family fiction)
  • THE NIGHT CIRCUS (or historical fantasy with a hint of romance)
  • BLACK FLAGS, BLUE WATERS (or pirates, just pirates, who doesn't love pirates?)
  • THE ROSE CODE (fiction about female codebreakers and spies during WWII)
  • THE WOMAN WHO SMASHED CODES (nonfiction about female codebreakers and spies during WWII)

2020 EDITION: If You Like